In addition to CPA services, MRM offers financial planning and investment management for business and individuals. We have a fiduciary duty to act solely in the interest of our clients, and we never charge a commission cost. We take a risk and goal-based approach to everything from retirement lifestyle planning and investment decisions to college planning and portfolio construction. We’ll help you identify your goals, create a financial plan of action and help you implement your financial strategy. Every solution is tailored, and we’re happy to help you understand the numbers every step of the way.


  • Risk Assessment & Management
  • Portfolio Construction
  • Portfolio Stress Testing
  • Investment Strategy
  • Investment Research
  • Investment Analysis
  • Asset Allocation


  • Retirement Lifestyle Planning
  • Goal Based Financial Plans
  • Building & Protecting Wealth
  • College Planning
  • Charitable Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Debt Management


Riskalyze is a tool we use at MRM that empowers you to be a more confident investor. Together we will establish the amount of risk you are comfortable with taking, and then balance this with the amount of risk you need to reach all your financial goals. Take our short 5-minute risk assessment quiz to begin the journey to financial freedom with us.